Thursday, November 11, 2010

Children of KidsX support our partners in Kenya

On September 12, 2010 a special sports day for children was held in Heiden, Switzerland: KidsX - the event visualized by  Olivier Bernhard (world-class triathlon champion) was organized by Paul Gruber, in cooperation with the World Harmony Run Switzerland ( and local teachers and many volunteers from the region of Heiden.

The occasion was the centenary of Henry Dunant's death (1828–1910).  Dunant  was the 1st Nobel peace laureate (1901) as in 1859 he had organized a group of volunteers to aid the wounded during a battle in Lombardy, Italy, when French and Italian troops under French emperor Napoleon III fought against the Austrian troops. Shortly after Dunant was part of the founding members  of the Red Cross in 1863.

Please enjoy the video below. Each in the KidsX participating child got 10 Swiss Francs and could donate it according to its choice to one of three humanitarian organizations.
Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation
JAM, Schweiz

Former Swiss President Adolf Ogi, FAO Goodwill Ambassador Carl Lewis and UN Sport Ambassador Tegla Loroupe were hosting the event

Carl Lewis sent a recorded message to the children expressing and reassuring the children of his full inner support of the whole event. And Tegla Loroupe was running with the first group of the 300 children participating.