Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tegla Loroupe Peace School Report 2013

Infrastructure Development
The Tegla Loroupe Peace school has achieved reasonable infrastructure development. The school has its kitchen refurnished by the installation of a water system, tables and benches to help the students have their meals indoors. The school received a donation of 40 desks and chairs to be used next year by grade 7 students who will soon doing their National Examinations in 2015.

School Activities 2013
The Tegla Peace School participated in the National Music Festival in Nakuru (Kenya) and placed from all the schools in Kenya on 5th place. End of year exams: Most of the pupils have been promoted to the next class. The marks for every pupil has been very encouraging. And also they have worked hard with a good discipline. Let them wish good luck for next year.
In June 2013 our students participated in the county level musical festival performing   Giriama songs, dances & peace poems and qualified to compete in the Provincial music festival competition, date to be announced soon.

Chicken Farm
The chicken poultry farm has been completed and soon the students will begin to eat eggs that will supplement their diet while the surplus would be sold out to generate merger income for the school. All these developments are due to efforts of Mr. Ennio and Gabriella Castagna from Italy. They are a great couple, who love the children of Tegla Peace School greatly. We salute them  for a job well done!

The Girls Dormitory
This facility is almost complete and the school Administration  is looking forward to admit  its first boarders in the year 2014. This will give an enormous advantage  to the gi rls since they will now stay in school  guarded  from  traditional malpractices  such as early marriages ,forced  to female genital mutilation and  family  forced  labour. We will then emback on the boys dormitory  for gender consideration if the finances are available in good time.

School Transport
This remains the most challenging aspect of the Administration at the Tegla Peace School.  The children are still  suffering   coming to school   and going  out each day after learning  in the evenings. Its worsen when the condition of the weather is harsh. The rains are heavy here and most of the children are rained on  and arrive both in school and at their homes  very late . This in convinces  the start morning lessons and undone home work. We are trying to find some sponsors who can help us buy a bus which can help in transporting these children. Both Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation and the parents fraternity are really making frantic effort to find one.
I hope this report will focus some figurative picture  of the conditions of the Tegla Loroupe Peace School  is undergoing. 

May God bless  the kids to kids Foundation   
for remembering  the Tegla Peace School children. 
Principal Mr. Barxton Aswani

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