Saturday, September 6, 2008

Finally unloading the kidstokids Container

Report from the Rhein-Valley Hospital

rs. Yesterday was the moment to unload the many school supplies that were sent to us through the kidstokids organization in Switzerland. Our crew was amazed to see them. They have never seens such quality school chairs. First they thought they were all for our office. Then I explained them that they will be given to our Kenyan schools in the region. They checked out the chairs themselves and couldn't believe that the height could be manually changed. Tegla Loroupe who will get part of the equipment for her new Peace School in Kapenguria can only organize the transport to her place in 2 weeks, so we brought them to a tent to store them in the meantime. The rest stays in the container for he moment until we have made the plan how to distribute them to our schools in Thugunui.

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Namn: Eva said...

Very interesing to read about your work!

Regards from Sweden