Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kids to Kids Container School Desks in Kenya distributed

Today the Rhein-Valley Hospital organized a big gathering of all school children up in the mountain village of Thugunui on 3000 m. Reason was the transportation of the chairs and desks that they got by container from the City of Zurich (Switzerland). The money for the container was raised at the "Uferlauf" - the first Swiss Kids to Kids event (see
As it had rained last night, it was not easy to bring the two trucks up the mountain on the wet dirt streets. And once the hospital crew from the Rhein-Valley Hospital had to push the truck by hand thanks. When they approached the school, excitement among the young people was big. The children greeted the with palm branches and sang and danced.
Also all the other inhabitants of the village joined the children and everyone was invited for a real feast. Luckily the weather was also nice besides a small 5-minute rain. The children brought their old banks out of their classrooms and compared them with the new ones. The joy was visible in all their eyes and they were full of gratitude for all the gifts. The whole event started at 10 am and lasted until 5 in the afternoon. Watch the pictures!

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