Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mama Matata live on Tele Zuri 25. Juni 2009

Heute abend waren der Gründer des Rhein-Valley Hospitals Stephan Holderegger und seine Partnerin und Leiterin des Spitals, Ruth Schäfer (Mama Matata), live bei Hugi Bigi im Zürcher Lokal-TV "Tele Züri" zu Gast und konnten über die Lage in Kenya informieren. Es bleibt zu hoffen, dass viele Zuschauer inspiriert wurden, sich auch finanziell zu engagieren, denn z.Z. sind wieder dringend Gelder nötig, um die Unkosten zu tragen.

Tonight Stephan Holderegger (founder of the Rhein-Valley Hospital) and director Ruth Schäfer (Mama Matata) were live at Hugo Bigi's popular Talk-Show at "Tele-Züri" (Local TV station in Zurich). They could speak about the situation and their work in Kenya and made clear that donations are still crucial for the survival of the hospital in Nakuru.

The Rhein - Valley Hospital in Nakuru-Kasambara opened in 2004 and is directed by Ruth Schäfer of Switzerland. The hospital relies solely on donations for buying food and medicine for the poor and suffering locals. Moreover, all funds are used directly for patient care. Every year thousands of people visit the hospital for medical help and nowadays also for food and shelter.

You can send your donations to the Alpha Rheintal Bank, CH - 9442 Berneck, Switzerland; Clearing 6920, BIC RBABCH22926;
IBAN: CH75 06920016 1856 71206, Verein Rhein-Valley Hospital, CH - 9450 Altstätten, Switzerland.

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